EchoBack Launches

32nd Degree’s latest product, EchoBack, is now live. EchoBack offers subscriptions for bulk text messaging as well as interactive two-way business apps via SMS messaging. EchoBack is more than just standard bulk text messaging, although it excels at that. EchoBack also offers SMS-based interactive apps such as event invites, polls, surveys, and coupons all via

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Gabble in the App Stores

The anonymous social network Gabble has launched as an app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Gabble is an anonymous social network designed for discussions with your peers. In life we often have questions or topics of discussion that could be too embarrassing or controversial for posting on Facebook but that still need

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Raiser Clothing Store Opens

32nd Degree is proud to announce the introduction of the Raiser Clothing poker apparel brand. The Raiser Clothing online store is open now and selling poker t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Raiser Clothing was founded to offer fashion forward apparel to poker enthusiasts. Our product designs are inspired by current skate and surf brand styles. You can now show your

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BrowserBoss Goes Live

We have released a new tool, BrowserBoss. If you need to get your client’s browser details, now you can just by sending them a link. Cut out all the awkward back and forth emails. Send a custom link, when they click the link their browser details are emailed to you. Simple.

Naming Force Summer of 2014 Update

This morning we released some big updates to Naming Force that we think all Namers will be happy to see. We’ve increased the value and importance of a Namer’s Naming Score while adding new features and controls to qualifying Namers. We’ve introduced 3 Ranks to differentiate Namers and to provide super-user controls to our best

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Fido Finder & Tabby Tracker Unified and Upgraded

We’re proud to announce that today we’ve released new versions of both Fido Finder and Tabby Tracker that use a unified code set and include significant upgrades to the user interface. This marks the biggest upgrade since the inception of Fido Finder in 2004. Now changes made to one site reflect on the other (where

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